I Wish We Were Better Strangers
Installation, Book Trilogy, Stickers

Sexual harassment and gender violence afflict women worldwide. This trilogy of books and accompanying installation questioned which cultural norms and behavior cause such abuse and explored how we can all be better allies for women.

I conceptualized and illustrated two main characters, placing them in child-like surroundings that visually dominated with primary colors and cartoon outlines. This was to convey that although sexual harassment is seen as an adult topic, how to not be an abuser is elementary. Interactions between the two main characters were brought to life in both a physical space and throughout three narratively independent books. I fabricated furniture and props where visitors were invited to sit next to the main character, immerse themselves in the story, and contemplate how these ideas exist in our actual reality.

The triology of books sat on the coffee table so visitors could sit and read. 
Below is selection of spreads from Book One.

Installation Detail 

I created stickers for visitors as a take-away. They sat in the cartoon box on the coffee table.