Wealth Within Nations

This Infographic compares the disparity in wealth between various countries of the world regarding their wealth of adults in each nation, taking specific looks at the percentage of adults who make above 100k and those who make under 10k. This is then compared to overall wealth of the nation. This data was taken from Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report for 2015 and visualized for easier understanding. Each country was given an identifying color corresponding to the colors of their banknotes. The infographic reveals comparisons such as countries like India and Russia are consistently impoverished despite such large population density. And it reveals that the US is by far the wealthiest of all nations, but has trouble distributing this wealth fairly as the breakdown of wealth per individual adult is not consistent with the wealth of the nation.

Below are images showing the original presentation of data in the Global Wealth Report, and next to each chart is the corresponding visualization I created.