Launch Campaign
Peek is a digital arts magazine for students of the Honors College at Rutgers University that I founded in 2018. The magazine was created in response to the lack of representation of the arts within the HC community, thus the magazine aims to give artistic students a space to show their work and connect with others who have similar interests. Peek highlights the creative expressions of the Honors College and thus represents a new perspective of what it means to be HC. To launch its inaugural edition, I created a peek campaign that premiered in the week leading up to the magazine’s unveiling through Instagram posts, on-site installations, and digital screen graphics.

The social media posts I designed for the peek launch are distinct from any other posts on the Honors College Instagram, representing how peek is a new perspective on their students’ talents and abilities.

The name peek suggests motion—something being revealed in a quick glance. The peek campaign visualizes this motion as the pieces move apart to reveal a “sneak peek” of artwork featured in the magazine.

I utilized Instagram posts spread throughout the week leading up to peek’s unveiling to generate interest and anticipation for the magazine’s launch.

On-site Installations were also placed in unexpected spaces throughout the Honors College building. The installations took from the graphics of the Instagram posts and also incorporated poetry featured in the magazine. The installations represent how peek allows art to infiltrate the Honors College community.

Lastly, on-site installations were accompanied with a video projected on digital screens that served as both a caption for all installations and teased peek’s unveiling.