Montclair Art Museum
Marketing Materials

Print and Digitial
As a design intern for the Montclair Art Museum, I was often tasked with creating brochures, postcards, and other signage that accompanied art installations or promoted receptions and art programs. I also created a visual identity system for archiving and sharing museum goers’ participatory responses on social media. 

This handout accompanied the Kara Walker Exhibition’s opening reception held at the Montclair Art Museum. The handout promotes different features within the exhibit and adheres to MAM visual standards as well.

The handout above accompanied the “Ben Jones: Envision, Empower, Embrace” installation and features poetry that informed the artwork on display. The handout was designed using grid structures, color, typography, and logo placement that adhered to MAM’s visual brand.  

Reflection Spaces 
During my time at the museum, there were two participatory spaces that allowed museum goers to generate responses about the exhibitons occuring within the museum. The “Learning Lab” (pictured left) allowed visitors to reflect on the diversity within the Montclair community and our nation by drawing images of themselves and sharing with other viewers on the American flag backdrop. The “Kara Walker Reflection Space” (pictured right) allowed visitors to discuss how they felt seeing Kara Walker’s work and its subject matter either with words or drawings hung on the walls anonymously.

To share the participatory responses from both spaces, I created a visual system for sharing responses on social media. Individual sresposnes were scanned, photo edited, and then placed in a template with a hashtag designed to reflect the space and adhere to MAM visual standards. 

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the individual responses were put into grids of four, and eventually nine, to show the diversity in the drawings MAM recieved and consequently the Montclair community. The hashtag design remained constant in each type of instagram post, but was able to change placement based on the responses. 

The final for when the Learning Lab closed was this timelapse video above showing the space being filled with responses and highlighting the diversity in museum visitors. I created this video taking photos of each frame and creating the gif in Adobe AfterEffects. 

The Reflection Space had similar treatment for social media designs. Because responses were either on black or white cards, I made the hashtag design in two different grayscales. The placement and design of the hashtag remained constant on posts showing individual responses, and on posts where responses were in a four grid. 

The Reflection Space’s instagram promotion also ended with a simialr timelapse video showing responses populating the space.