Create Your Own Adventure: Life

eBook/Illustration, 2017
Featured in Between Either and Or at
Mason Gross Galleries 2017
Avaiable here.
“CYOA: Life” aims to expose unfair choices women are forced to make in life compared to the male experience and explores their often-unfavorable outcomes. The book’s illustrations reference the colorful and cartoonish style of children’s books and is formatted similarly to the “Create Your Own Adventure” series by providing multiple storylines. However, unlike these fun-loving children’s stories, “CYOA: Life” only offers bleak endings. Viewers are meant to enter the book with positive and uplifting hopes for their character’s life, but their inevitably sad ending comments on true outcomes of the female experience. This includes pay inequality, unhealthy marriages, and familial pressures. These storylines were based on interviews I conducted with women in my family and all illustrations were created by me. 

Above is one storyline featured in the eBook.